Preschool institution Zrenjanin


In Zrenjanin (Veliki Beckerek in those days), the Jewish church community founded the first kindergarten in 1858. This is the beginning of organized preschool education in our city. In the 19th century, great economic and social changes took place. The traditional role of women in society and the family  changed , which led to the need to taking care of children before school age. The work with the children was in the Hebrew language and the teacher worked with the children. In 1868, the state passed regulations on the opening of municipal kindergartens. Thus, for the first time, the state act regulated the life and education of children and the duties of educators towards children. On October 31, 1891, the first Serbian kindergarten in Veliki Beckerek was ceremoniously opened. It was located in the church gate, in the building of the church community.

Preschool Institute Zrenjanin

Today the Preschool Institution Zrenjanin has 20 kindergartens and one kindergarten group in General Hospital In Zrenjanin. It has a central kitchen and a bakery. Over 2,500 children aged 1 to 7 are enrolled within the institution. The preschool institution implements a program of full-time and half-day forms of work in all its segments, including the realization of educational work, social work programs and preventive health care programs.