Kreativ Research Association

Kreativ Research Association is a nonprofit apolitical organization which was founded by a group of experts (teachers and social workers, entrepreneurs in the field of social work) from Caras-Severin county, West Region of Romania in 2016. The aim of the Kreativ Research Association is to decrease the economic, social, educational and cultural differences in the society, by providing a high level of researches and expertise to the local and regional stakeholders in the field of social work.

The main objectives of the Kreativ Research Association are:

To promote media education, ecological education/ sustainability and intercultural education among  with cultural, educational and social activities in the rural area

According to our objectives, our activities are tackling and they interconnect with more fields like: education and professional training, social work researches, community development, human rights, environment, youth work and volunteering.

In the youth work field our activities are in most cases connected with the other activities of the partners’ NGO. Our main expert has been working for over 15 years in youth projects and within Roma community as academic and as a NGO’s representative in several projects.

Kreativ Research Association develops professional training programs for the teachers’ of the undergraduate level (Media Education, Eco-Life and environmental education, Safe Internet), recognized and accredited by Romanian Ministry of Education .

As a rural NGO’s, Kreativ Research is involved as a member in the Local Action Group (CLLD/LEADER) and is being an active partner of several local councils of the region.

In the time, we have a great expertise in educational projects as some the members and staff of Kreativ Research are academics, teachers, social workers and top management of economic companies that work and employ with disadvantaged persons or within poor communities.

Experience in European Union granted projects (since 2017-present):