About Project

During the preparation phase of this Romanian-Serbian project, we analyzed the possibilities for developing cross-border cooperation between our institutions, taking into account our primary problems which are: insufficient or complete lack of competence-based education, together with lack of materials, equipment and knowledge on how to organize a modern, transnational and long-term educational model in order to respond to the needs of the labor market by applying the method of lifelong learning.

In the last years, by adopting EU standards in education, both Serbia and Romania have managed to upgrade their educational system, however there is space to improve, especially regarding the preschool education. The positive change we want to achieve with this project is to raise the quality and productivity of the education system in combination with more active engagement of students.

Our goal is to raise the knowledge of educators, professors and students establishing methodological centers and developing of a modern teaching methodology for preschool age, encouraging children’s creative thinking, problem-solving ability and self confidence.

Main project activities include organization and setting-up of 10 methodological development centers in Serbia and Romania, creation of new models of educational and health curriculum and methodology for early education of children (preschool education), conducting workshops, courses and trainings for children, students and teachers and exchange of good practice between educational institutions involved in this Romanian-Serbian cross-border project.

Overall objective:

With the help of the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Romania-Serbia Programme, using the financial support of the European Union, the „FUN-ED” project aims to be a cross-border development tool in the area of education and health.

The project seeks to build a new link between the two neighboring countries, Serbia and Romania, connecting educators, professors and high-school students from Zrenjanin, Vrsac, Ocna de Fier and Timisoara. Through the partnerships generated, which appear for the first time in this form, we expect that this model of cooperation will overcome the national dimension and grow into an international one, serving as an example for all educational systems.

Benefits from this project will have






children of primary education



Together with children, we will test new developed methods in practice, and then transfer all the acquired experiences into an educational model for higher education students. The results of this project will benefit 60 teachers, 1,500 students, 700 primary school children and 1,000 parents.
The FUN-ED project (e-MS Code: RORS-434) is financed by the European Union and partner states in the Programme. The total contracted project value is 623.028,31 Euro, out of which 529.574,05 Euro representing the European Union co-financing rate (85%) and 93.454,26 Euro the co financing rate (15%) of the partners involved in the project and Government of Romania.